Reflect #2 – Fragments, Fragilities, Memories Contemporary Art from Angola

Exhibition opening: Wednesday, 13 April 2022, 7 PM

The exhibition will be opened by the guest of honor Alcino dos Prazeres Izata Francisco da Conceição, Ambassador of the Republic of Angola in Belgrade.

The Reflect #2 exhibition is the second edition of the platform for presenting the works of artists of African origin, organized in collaboration with THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE gallery (Luanda/Lisbon). Following the reflections and reflexes of contemporary artist from Namibia (2020), we are very excited to present the fragments, fragilities and memories of contemporary artists from Angola: Pedro Pires, Luís Damião, Francisco Vidal, Nelo Teixeira, Januário Jano, Alida Rodrigues, Ana Silva, Osvaldo Ferreira, Cristiano Mangovo & Ery Claver.

The artists relate, among other themes, the out of control urban chaos of demolition and dehumanized construction, which its final form produces architectural ghosts with empty floors, while most people don’t even have a roof over their head. In these same landscapes of heat, concrete, fuel and cinder there are countless people passing by whose figures disappear under the weight of consumerist hyper materialism. There is no protection either in (cultural) institutions whose systemic mistakes (glitches) are only able to produce a delayed search for a response to burning topics of representation and owning “the other”. In all of this, the artists’ vistasperiodically turn inward. These introvert looks, in self-reverie, are reflections on family, traditional women’s spaces (and materials), motherhood or even traditional expectations solicited by marriage.

Curators:Emilia Epštajn, Ana Knežević, Graça Rodrigues, Sonia Ribeiro

Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg

Focal Point Gallery

Artists: Shaun C. Badham, Becky Beasley, Kathrin Böhm, Graham Burnett, Gabriella Hirst with Warren Harper, Anna Lukala, Mary Mattingly, Uriel Orlow, Rachel Pimm, Alida Rodrigues, Zheng Bo

This exhibition explores the relationship between art and alternative growing practices, which are increasingly coming together in pursuit of climate action and social justice. New and recent works by local and international artists explore three key themes: the notion of the ‘commons’, i.e. our common right to the earth’s natural resources (air, water, soil, land); how plants can be considered as both witnesses and agents across history, and how local hidden economies can act as catalysts for wider change.

Museu Nogueira da Silva

A Exposição “O Silêncio da Terra: visualidades (pós)coloniais intercetadas pelo Arquivo Diamang” problematiza o arquivo fotográfico da Companhia de Diamantes de Angola, constituído com o objetivo explícito de documentar a missão civilizacional empreendida na Lunda, entre 1917 e 1974. A Exposição corporiza um dos resultados do projeto de investigação “Mapeamento e Sentidos Críticos do Arquivo Fotográfico da Empresa Companhia de Diamantes de Angola (Diamang)”, coordenada por Fátima Moura Ferreira (Lab2PT/Universidade do Minho).

Calendário das exposições:
Galeria do Paço, Reitoria da Universidade do Minho: 30/04 a 30/06
Galeria e espaços do Museu Nogueira da Silva: 30/04 a 11/09


African Galleries Now Launches 23 November on Artsy

New York, NY, November 19, 2020 — Artsy, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling fine art by leading international artists, has partnered with the African Art Galleries Association (AAGA)—led by Valerie Kabov, Co-Founder of First Floor, and Julie Taylor, Founder of Guns & Rain—to launch an innovative new online-only event, African Galleries Now. This newly ideated event, which will be live on Artsy from November 23rd until December 13th, places an important spotlight on emerging African artists and exposes them to Artsy’s global audience of nearly 2 million collectors and art lovers.


15 African Artists on the Rise

Contemporary African art has long been a topic of contention. For a time, there was even a heated debate around the very existence of contemporary art in Africa. Nevertheless, artists hailing from the continent have continued to create despite conditions of invisibility and marginalization. Now more than ever, interest in contemporary African art is picking up and its artists are getting recognition both at home and internationally. The artists listed here, many represented by members of the African Art Gallery Association, represent a mix of trailblazing young people creating groundbreaking work and artists recently discovered by the art world.


Over the past seven years the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair has established itself as a leading voice in the global discussion on contemporary African art. New African presents a selection of some of the most outstanding pieces from this year’s exhibition in London.

1:54 ART FAIR 2020


Exhibiting with Gallery This Is Not A White Cube.
Over the past seven years 1-54 has established itself as a leading voice in the global discussion on contemporary African art. The scaled down fair will see around 20 international galleries representing a selection of the best contemporary African artists on show at Somerset House as well as online in partnership with Christie’s.

Discursos De Decolonialidade

A galeria THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE e a MEXTO têm a honra de convidar para a inauguração simultânea das exposições “BORDERS” de Mariana Dias Coutinho, e “DISCURSOS DE DECOLONIALIDADE”, que congrega o trabalhos de 15 artistas de 8 países. A inauguração decorre no dia 24 de Junho, com horário alargado, entre as 12h e as 0h, no espaço Not a Museum  (Rua Castilho, nº 3, Lisboa).

The Art Momentum 2020

Visual artists Aïcha Snoussi (Tunisia) and Alida Rodrigues (Angola) illustrate a body of imagery that is developed from distortions of the social world and vestiges of the imaginary. Both artists are working through a conceptual use of tonal darkness that is both sharp and playful.

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